Strawberry & Cream Eclairs


Filled with sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries, these dainty pastries make a great treat for afternoon tea or can be served as a delicious summer dessert. Swap the strawberries for fresh raspberries or blueberries, if liked.
Makes 8 Ready in 50 minutes, plus cooling



• 50g butter, chilled and diced
• 65g plain flour, sifted
• 2 medium eggs, lightly beaten
• 300ml double cream
• 1 tbsp icing sugar, plus extra for dusting
• 150g small strawberries

1. Place the butter and 150ml cold water in a small pan and heat gently until the butter melts. Bring the mixture to a rapid boil then quickly remove from the heat and add all the flour. Beat thoroughly with a wooden spoon until the mixture comes away from the sides of the pan and forms a ball. Leave to cool for 3-4 minutes.
2. Preheat the oven to 220C, fan 200C, gas mark 7. Line a large baking sheet with baking paper. Beat the eggs into the mixture, a little at a time, until smooth and glossy. Spoon the mixture into a large piping bag fitted with a large star nozzle. Pipe 8 x 10cm lengths, spaced well apart, onto the baking sheet.
3. Bake for 12-15 mins until the eclairs are well risen and golden. Remove from the oven, pierce each eclair with the tip of a small knife and return to the oven for 2-3 minutes. This allows the steam to escape and dries out the centres of each eclair. Transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool completely.
4. Whip the cream and icing sugar in a bowl until softly peaking. Spoon into a large piping bag fitted with a large star nozzle. Hull and slice most of the strawberries (reserving four for decoration).
5. Halve each eclair and fill with the cream then top with sliced strawberries. Sandwich back together and dust with icing sugar. Decorate each one with a swirl of piped cream and a reserved strawberry.

You can make and bake the choux pastry eclairs a day in advance. If the pastry goes a little soft simply reheat in a hot oven for a few minutes until crisp.